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The Micro 4000NET Web Width Monitor System with no moving parts sets a standard for accuracy and reliability.

Web width or web edge position can be critical in converting applications. AccuWeb’s Web Width Monitor excels at making these measurements for both acquisition and process control. The system uses patented WideArrayTM edge detectors and a Micro 4000NET controller equipped with Web Width Monitor software to make accurate web width and position measurements.

Intelligent display
confirms accurate
line recognition

Eliminate Motorized Positioners — WideArray edge detectors provide up to 18.4” (467mm) detection range per side, which eliminates the need for motorized detector positioners.

Compatible with
Micro 1000 and
Micro 4000NET

Accurate and Reliable— Dynamically compensated edge detectors continuously adapt to changing environmental conditions and build-up of contaminants on the sensors. Eliminates maintenance headaches caused by constant cleaning and recalibration.

Optional Auxiliary Remote Station

Any Web Material — WideArray™ ultrasonic and infrared edge detectors can sense virtually any material - paper, film, foil, nonwovens, or mesh.

Compatible with the Micro 4000NET controller

Operator Friendly – The compact 3-button remote station can be mounted virtually anywhere. Simple menus allow quick set-up of all tolerance and calibration settings.
  Fast Changeover — The job recipe function allows the operator to store and instantly recall calibration and alarm settings for up to 25 products and processes. 

Applications — Linear actuators can be applied to guide frames (both positive displacement guides and steering roll guides), unwind stands, winders, rewinders, coilers and uncoilers.

Alarm Outputs
Six digital control outputs can be programmed to trigger alarms when web width or position is out-of-tolerance.

You’ll always get more value from AccuWeb

• System allows simultaneous web width monitoring and web guiding.
• Not sensitive to vertical motion or web flutter.
• Hazardous Duty — Optional provisions for Class I Division 1 hazardous
  environment. Note: Control enclosure must be located outside of the
  hazardous environment.
• Ideal for blown or flat film extruders.
• Other applications include:
• Multiple-web sheeters
• Laminators
• Web-weave monitoring.

The Micro 4000NET can handle EVERY web guide application
film extruder Blown or Flat Film Extruders Using the WideArray edge detection system in Blown Film or Flat Film extruders has several advantages. When used with optional software, the WideArray can oscillate the web, measure web width, monitor edge position, or position one web relative to another. The WideArray detection system simplifies operation and eliminates motorized detector positioners. The application shown is guiding the web into the slitter and windup, while simultaneously controlling bubble pressure to keep the lay-flat web width within preset limits.


Resolution: ±0.020” (±0.51mm)

Remote Station Features:
• User selectable English or
   Metric units
• Independent minimum and
   maximum web width alarms
• Independent left and right web
   out-of-center alarms
• Job recipe function stores and
   recalls 25 products and alarm
• Optically isolated alarm outputs
• ±10VDC or 0-10VDC analog
   output proportional to web width
• 2 line 16 character LCD for
   menu access and data entry

Enclosure Options:
• IP65 rated
• Cam-locked door with double-bit
  insert key
• Chassis mount available

• 30°F (0°C) – 125°F (52°C)

< Options:
• ControlNet™, DeviceNet™,
   Modbus Plus, Profibus®-DP,
   and Ethernet protocols.
• Web guiding
• Oscillation
• Randomizing
• Master/Follower web guiding
• Chaser/Slave web guiding
• Class I, Division 1 hazardous
• Wash down


Edge Detector Dimensions
ED Dimensions



Dimensions - Inches (mm)  




1.25 (32)

3.00 (76) 4.56 (116) 1.20 (30) 3.81 (97) 1.50 (38)
1.5x5 1.25 (32) 3.00 (76) 5.75 (146) 2.40 (61) 5.00 (127) 1.50 (38)
4x3.75 1.25 (32) 5.50 (140) 4.56 (116)  1.20 (30) 3.81 (97) 4.00 (102)
4x5 1.25 (32) 5.50 (140) 5.75 (146) 2.40 (61) 5.00 (127) 4.00 (102)
4x9 1.25 (32) 5.50 (140) 10.25 (260) 6.40 (163) 9.00 (229) 4.00 (102)
4x14 1.25 (32) 5.50 (140) 15.06 (383) 11.20 (284) 13.81 (351) 4.00 (102)
4x21 1.31 (33) 5.75 (146) 22.50 (572) 18.40 (467) 21.13 (537) 4.00 (102)
wide web


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