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accuBeam 3

The AccuBeam® 3 with auto setup allows fast calibration for the guiding of printed lines, edges and patterns.

The AccuBeam® 3 combines a linear array sensor with multiple LED illumination colors to detect all the colors in the visible light spectrum.

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Intelligent display confirms accurate line recognition

Compatible with Micro 1000 and Micro 4000NET controllers

• Auto Setup — automatically calibrates the optimum sensor parameters with a push of a button. The Auto Setup feature uses an enhanced sensing algorithm that can decipher the multiple sensing
options within its field of view.

• Real Time Display — the intuitive LCD display lets the operator view exactly what the sensor is seeing in real time. Operators can pre-select the guiding method, edge or line, of a printed line or pattern among visual clutter.

Optional Auxiliary Remote Station

• AccuBeam Line Saver™ — The AccuBeam® 3 can be configured to work in tandem with a WideArray™ edge detector to maintain control of the web during splices or other printed line interruptions. If the line disappears, the WideArray™edge detector immediately takes control of the edge until the line returns.

Custom engineered 3-roll positive displacement guides with ideal line guide mounting available

• Fast changeover — the job recipe function allows the operator to store and instantly recall up to 25 past jobs.

• Compatible — The AccuBeam 3 is compatible with the Micro 1000® and Micro 4000NET®. An optional auxiliary remote station is available for the inaccessible applications.


• Optimal Lighting Angle — Multiple light sources provide three illumination angles for optimal lighting of materials with matte, glossy and holographic reflection characteristics.

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• Self-contained unit includes sensor, operator interface controls, and three color light sources with three independent light source positions in a compact, hardcoat anodized aluminum housing.

• Fast 20 MHz microcontroller performs frame-by-frame analysis of image captured on array sensor. Able to locate lines, edges or print patterns - even when surrounded by nearby graphics, registration marks or other features.

• Class I Division 1 hazardous environment capable with optional proof-of-purge system.

Optional Proof-of-Purge system

Select and specify AccuBeam®3 for your next equipment replacement web guide - and experience the digital difference.
LED light sources produce red, green,
or blue, light for optimum contrast.
Focal Distance and Mounting

Optional AR 1003-01
Remote Line Guide Station

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